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Our Story

Sydney schoolgirls Olivia (13) and Chloe (12) are besties with their neighbour Lauren (12). For many years they have become increasingly passionate about animals and particularly, dogs. 


Their love of animals and desire to adopt all of the dogs they see still remains strong. 


Puccii was formed collaboratively as a way to create a steady stream of funds that could be donated. The children now have a focus knowing that funds generated from a necessary everyday dog item are being put to good use. 


Chloe has always been dog crazy to the extent that her fifth "birthday party" was held at a regular dog adoption Sunday and all guests were four-legged! 

Lauren has her own Instagram account  @phodografy. Her photography passion enables her to get up close and personal with all of the local dogs whilst honing a valuable skill.

Olivia is the our behind the scenes talent.  She is unbelievably compassionate to all creatures great and small.

This dynamic trio have happily organised and enjoyed trips to visit rescue centres over the years. Initially, they set about raising funds through various chores in an effort to save dogs.

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